Child and Adolescent Therapy

I work with children and adolescents using evidenced-based treatments.  I provide age-appropriate skills to allow children to manage difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in social and academic settings.


As children learn best through play, I create a fun and dynamic environment to enhance learning that generalizes to real life situations.  

As adolescents readily experience a number of changes in their social and family lives, I emphasize building a trusting relationship with my adolescent clients as the basis of treatment.

Depending on the child/ adolescent's difficulties, parents play a role in therapy as well.  Older children/ adolescents can be more independent in their treatment.  Parental involvement may include practicing skills outside of therapy sessions. 


Areas that I treat:

·     Depression

·     Anxiety

·     Perfectionism

·     Procrastination / time management / organization skills

·     Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

·     Interpersonal Difficulties

·     School stress

·     Daily stress

·     Low self-esteem/self-worth